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Pierce Pointe HOA

Google: Suwanee is Georgia's top eCity

Suwanee #3 - Kiplinger's 10 Great Cities to Raise Your Kids

Suwanee Top 10: Money Magazine's "Best Places To Live"

Suwanee 1 of 3 hottest up-and-coming neighborhoods in the Atlanta (Redfin) 

• An open terrace plaza and lawn area at the peak of the park’s elevation that will include several small-scale micro-business sites

• An extension of the existing Playtown Suwanee geared toward older children, which will expand the age range of Playtown Suwanee

• Sandpit volleyball courts

• A public art piece

Suwanee City Council approves plan for $12 million park

The area will see a realignment of Main Street, which will shift around the park and exit onto Suwanee Dam Road at an existing traffic signal in hopes of improving the safety and traffic flow, which would allow the median break on Suwanee Dam Road to be closed.

About 15 acres along the existing Brushy Creek Greenway will remain undisturbed.

City officials recently sought feedback from residents and collected more than 1,000 in-person and online surveys of park users. There were four planning workshops, two design charrettes and other meetings and presentations.

The new park design is influenced by the style and quality of Town Center Park, but city officials said it won’t be a replica. Plans call for a a more prominent pedestrian connection to rework City Hall Park into a linkage of the two sites. The topography of Town Center Park West will allow it to overlook Town Center.

“The success of Town Center Park has exceeded all expectations,” Suwanee Mayor Jimmy Burnette said in a press release. “The park draws over 200,000 visitors annually to events, as well as regularly serving our 18,000 citizens. The new Town Center Park West will help ease the demand on the existing park and surrounding community.”

The park will feature a mixture of urban and rural environments, including:

• A roughly 900-foot, elevated signature bridge for pedestrian and bike use, which will span the entire park and cross an approximate one-acre water feature.

Reprinted from Gwinnett Daily Post by Mark Farner

Filing Complaints


Please Read Before You File A Complaint Against A Neighbor

There are two ways to file a complaint: one is directly with Gwinnett County; and one is through the subdivision's management company.

As Pierce Pointe has mandatory covenants that were retroactively voted into existence after the subdivision was founded, most of our homeowners are HOA members.  There are, however, a few homeowners who still have not joined. However, they continue to be bound by the original covenants enacted by our builders, when Pierce Point was initially built.

Everyone in Pierce Pointe is bound by at least one set of covenants.  *Pierce Pointe only has authority to fine a homeowner who is a Pierce Pointe Member and hears complaints only from Pierce Pointe members as well.  Pierce Pointe does have some legal recourse over non-member homes, as laid out by the original covenants of the subdivison.

Pierce Pointe uses the county to file complaints against these homes regularly, and can also file suit against these homes for recurring issues.  The county is generally very responsive to HOA's, and acts in most cases, on our behalf for non-mandatory covenant homes.

If you are filing a complaint against a homeowner you know is a Pierce Pointe member then please choose scenario 1 and alert our management company.  If they are not a member then choose scenario 2 and file through the county.  If you do not know the status of the homeowner then we recommend you use both.

Most violations can be discussed with reasonable homeowners with little difficulty and a small bit of courage!  Pierce Pointe recommends that the first step is to discuss it with them first before filing a complaint. 

*If you are not a Pierce Pointe member and would like to file a complaint against a Pierce Pointe member home, then please know that we make no guarantees that we will respond to your request as we only serve Pierce Pointe member residents.  Should you like a guarantee of action on our part, feel free to join the homeowner's association for a nominal fee. 

Important Information

Suwanee Police - 770-945-8995

P.A.C.T. (Police and Citizen Together)

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